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Nightingale Industry Collaboration & Consortium Building meetingAmsterdam

van 09-10-17 09:00 tot 09-10-17 17:00

Industry Collaboration & Consortium Building meeting Nightingale

Nightingale is an EU subsidied H2020 project where 5 European academic hospitals challenge the industry to develop wireless and wearable sensor technology to monitor vital signs of patients to be able to detect deterioration on time.

The Nightingale vision is to challenge industry to improve patient safety by developing systems that can:

  • accurately identify patients at risk of deterioration
  • ensure timely recognition and communication of deterioration
  • improve patient safety in hospital and after discharge
  • reduce the length of hospital stays and readmissions
  • analyse collected ‘big data’ to increase understanding of treatment of specific patient groups
  • create a record that can ensure learning from clinical responses to deterioration

Final call for the Nightingale Industry Collaboration & Consortium Building meeting. Come and meet us in Amsterdam at the very beginning of this groundbreaking project!