Shape Future Care

Our approach

Running the business together. That is the way we cooperate with our partners. So, we co-invest and we bear risks. We speak the language of health care professionals, but also of the technique and the market. With our knowledge & skills of medical product development, we provide the right combination of marketability, applicability, and a scientific basis.

Innovation funnel

Our process is best described by our innovation funnel. This starts at the drive and dedication of health care professionals. We subsequently take care of well-defined steps and clear Go/NoGo moments and a focused process (from opportunity to roll-out), without this affecting creativity.

In an early stage, we do not only look for commitment from commercial parties for the development, but from market parties as well. A nice example of this is the development of SensiStep. Evalan, as market party, was involved in the development of this product from day 1. 


The key element is that the development of a new product starts at a clinical need. Health care professionals will have to experience that their operating method can be improved through innovation. Also, health care professionals will have to actively assist in making the development and the product a success.

Furthermore, we maintain the following criteria:

  • Is it a medical instrument?
  • Is it new?
  • Is it an improvement of the diagnosis or the treatment of patients?
  • Is it interesting from a commercial point of view?
  • In addition to the health care organisation, will other commercial partners be needed?

Of course, we are receptive to ideas from the business community as well. The first step we will then make is finding a clinical anchor in one of the hospitals.


A good example of our approach is the development of SensiStep. Every day, rehabilitation specialist Herman Holtslag, traumatologist Taco Blokhuis, and physiotherapist Charlotte Klop-Gardeniers experience in their practice that patients are difficult to support in applying the correct leg pressure during rehabilitation. After the joint development of the product, they have validated the product from a clinical point of view and they have performed effect studies with respect to the applicability and the clinical usefulness. On the commercial side, market party Evalan has invested in the development of this product right from the start