Shape Future Care

Our mission: shape future care

With heart and soul, many thousands of health care professionals work in health care institutions to provide excellent health care. They regularly encounter areas for improvement. It is our mission, together with these professionals and the business community, to develop new products, to validate them, and to launch them on the market.

We believe in a commercial approach for the realisation of product innovations for the health care. New products contribute to a safer health care, a more affordable health care, and the provision of a high-quality health care as close as possible to the client's home. Shape future care!


A few years ago, the medial technology department of the UMC Utrecht came to the realisation that many ideas from researchers and health care professionals, which could be broadly applied, remained shelved. The department primarily aimed at a few products to support research and the clinic. Commercially interesting ideas require a different approach, in which collaboration with the business community is a must.

As of 2007, in association with Well Design and CCM, the first product developments have been initiated and realised. We now have a network and an infrastructure that enable us to work simultaneous on many developments and to realise these in association with the business community. Furthermore, Pontes Medical's business developers work in the AMC and the VU medical centre.

Focus on themes

We believe that at this moment, the health care particularly needs three types of medical instruments:

  1. products for an affordable health care
  2. products for a safer health care
  3. products to bring health care closer to the patient at home

Political and social developments have made safety and affordability of health care into actual themes. These developments offer opportunities for innovative products as well.

Medical instruments can change health care processes in such a way that the health care can actually be organised cheaper. An example is our ScopeControl.

We also observe a rise of the safety culture and quality control within the health care. One of our innovations that matches this development is the assessment of the quality of User Interfaces of medical equipment. With this information, hospitals can procure products that can be operated safely, which results in fewer complications for patients in the day-to-day health care.

By strengthening the health care outside the hospital, health care can, in many cases, often be given better and cheaper. An example is the Whistler.

As Pontes Medical, we therefore see that most of these developments take place within these three themes.

Join us!

We are always looking for new parties with which to collaborate.

  • Health care professionals with good ideas are more than welcome. We make an appointment to discuss your idea confidentially
  • Companies that are interested to invest in developments can apply
  • Investors? Absolutely, we are regularly looking for support for our spin-offs
  • From time to time, we can link entrepreneurs, who are looking for new challenges, to our developments in order to start a new company
  • And, last but not least, health care institutions can join Pontes Medical when they want to start working with our innovative approach