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Whistler LFMi

Lung function measuring instrument

Whistler LFMi

The question

"As paediatrician, I see many young children with bronchial problems. Because there are no instruments that can measure the lung function of very young children, the need developed for a new, user-friendly, and hand-held device" Prof Dr C.K. van der Ent – paediatrician-pneumonologist– says.

The bridge

The Whistler has been developed by CCM Centre for Concepts in Mechatronics, Pontes Medical, and WeLL Design, in close collaboration with paediatrician-pneumonologist Prof Dr Van der Ent from the UMC Utrecht.


• Improved diagnosis.
• Can be used for people from 0 to 100 years.
• Less unnecessary use of medication.

Market party



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Mathijs van Dijk from WeLL Design

Pontes is an example of how Open Innovation can be given shape

We regard Pontes as a development partner that knows how to mobilise the right medical specialism, but also knows how to gather market information quickly and to establish contacts with external parties in the area of marketing and/or production.