Pontes Medical: Shape Future Care

Thousands of health care professionals are working in health care institutions, fully dedicated to providing high quality health care. During their work, they regularly come up with ideas ‘for making health care better .

It is our mission to develop, validate and implement new products together with these health care professionals and the health care business community.

Pontes Medical has adopted a commercial approach aimed at the implementation of product innovations in health care. Such new products will contribute to innovative diagnostic and treatment methods, patient safety and affordable care.


Pontes Medical supports the development of new products, from idea to realization, all the way to implementation in health care practice. Depending on your needs, the Pontes innovation managers can offer you support on the following:

Project management and devising a tailor-made strategy for product development
Securing (external) funding and subsidies
Gaining access to a large network of experts for each development stage and for all relevant clinical specializations
Establishing intellectual property rights and applying for patents
Building clinical evidence, certification, and know-how on regulations with regard to medical appliances
Drafting business plans and contracts
Gaining access to expertise and validation in multiple (academic) hospitals

Together, we can make your MedTech project a success!

For whom?

  • Health care professionals
  • Patients
  • Companies
  • Investors
  • Students

Are you a dedicated medical professional who sees opportunities for improvements in health care? Do you see options for making a diagnosis or treatment more effective, or more comfortable for the patient? A new technology or a smart way for cutting costs? We would love to meet you to discuss your opportunity for improvement.

Pontes innovation managers will study the subject matter, assess the feasibility of your idea and explore alternative solutions. If the assessment turns out to be favorable, we will start a project. You will have an important role in the project as the so-called ‘clinical anchor’, i.e., the medical expert of the team. Primarily this means you will contribute knowledge and time in support of the development and user trials.

Pontes will take care of transforming your idea into an actual product. We will often involve external parties in this process. If the product becomes a success, you will get a share of the proceeds!

Patients and their relatives often see options for improvements in health care. We look forward to getting in touch with you and are curious to learn about the possibilities you have identified. Perhaps we will be able to elaborate your idea and turn it into a product that is implemented and appreciated in daily practice.

We are also interested in your feedback on current Pontes projects. Your suggestions will help us build the best solutions.

In order to realize the projects and bring them to the market, Pontes Medical collaborates closely with numerous companies, specialized SME’s as well as multinationals.


As a development partner you will be able to get on board at an early stage and to co-invest, which will give you the chance to reap the benefits in the commercial phase.

We can support companies that are pursuing medical innovations themselves in bringing the development to fruition as well as in designing and performing user research or clinical trials.

What Pontes can offer you:

  • Demand-driven product innovations for medical applications
  • New products which have been clinically validated
  • Access to medical experts and departments in the Pontes hospitals
  • A team with motivated doctors, technicians and other health care staff
  • Overseeing of user tests and clinical validation in practice

Pontes Medical collaborates closely with investors in order to bring new systems to the market. A Pontes innovation will regularly lead to the creation of a spin-off company. You as an investor will provide the funds and means to produce a first series of products, to perform inspections, to generate marketing and sales activities and to ensure timely market introduction.

Based on our broad expertise in the three participating academic hospitals, Pontes can play a role in your selection process and your due diligence activities, by screening propositions on your behalf.

What Pontes can offer you:

  • A broad spectrum of innovations with a relatively high chance of success, thanks to our internal development expertise and experience arising from three academic hospitals.
  • A team with motivated doctors, technicians and other health care staff, who will continue their efforts until the product has been made available for the patient. Pontes’ track record shows that we were able to generate an average multiplier of nine, resulting from the acquisition of subsidies and other sources of external financing.
  • A screening program for the appraisal of medical propositions in three academic hospitals.

Students can play an interesting role in joint research into the demands of patients, doctors and other stakeholders. Graduation projects can be used to translate ideas into completely new concepts. Pontes Medical often collaborates with student from Technical Universities (e.g. Industrial Design, Clinical Technology, Mechanical Engineering). You are cordially invited to reach out to us to explore options for challenging bachelor, master or other trainee projects!

What Pontes can offer you:
  • The opportunity to gain experience, on the interface between medical science, technology and product development
  • In-depth support with respect to the Pontes method
  • An opportunity to play a role in a start-up or spin-off company
  • Participation in an interdisciplinary team with medical and technical experts, designers, hospital staff, and commercial parties, who will persevere until the product becomes available to the patient.


Are you dreaming of an innovation that will improve healthcare?

Embrace the challenge, Pontes is ready to bring you further!