Starting point

In the hospital
Doctors and nurses experience in daily practice that procedures can be optimized and take the initiative to discuss this with Pontes. In this manner the development of a new medical product starts with a clinical need and an idea to address it. We use, among others, the following evaluation criteria:


  • Is the idea unique, does it deal with a new product?
  • May we expect a significant improvement in the diagnosis or treatment?
  • Is the idea attractive for technological and commercial partners?

In the next phase, the health care professional actively participates in the development at Pontes in order to realize the proposed innovation. The new product is evaluated in the clinic, by means of user research and clinical tests.

Pontes will select the suitable parties for scaling up the development and making the product a success in the market.

In the market place
Things can also be the other way around: companies that develop novel medical systems can already benefit from sparring partners in the health care environment at an early stage. Pontes will select a clinical team on a project-by-project basis and will manage the collaboration with the company, not only with respect to development and validation, but, evidently, also regarding contractual matters.


The motto is joint entrepreneurship, that is the way Pontes collaborates with its partners. We co-invest and share in the risks, we speak the language of health care professionals, but also that of technology and the market place. Pontes investments in various projects were multiplied nine-fold (!) over the past years, through subsidies, innovation prizes that were won, and third party investments.

Innovation and implementation

Pontes innovation managers are in a unique position, embedded in the academic hospital, because they are direct colleagues of the health care professionals. This enables them to interact very quickly with researchers and clinicians, a position that many companies outside the hospital can only dream of.

The testing of prototypes requires is subject to a large number of requirements and regulations as long as it has not been granted CE-certification. An internal inspection is carried out in the hospital, leading to an inspection report that can serve as a preparation for an ensuing CE-certification.

Not only users but also various other stakeholders will be closely involved in the development path. This will help create focus in the process and facilitates acceptance in the market place.

Selecting the right partners is crucial for achieving successful product development, which really improves healthcare. A brilliant idea will only have value if it is turned into a desirable and marketable product, that is marketed by a strong commercial party via suitable channels.

Pontes network

The Pontes innovation managers are organized in a collaborative network, currently consisting of UMC Utrecht, AMC, and VUmc, where we implement this approach and develop it further. Other hospitals are welcome to join.

Pontes possesses an excellent network of development and commercial parties, who can contribute the desired expertise in each project phase.

The same holds true for our connections with medical and technical universities, which facilitates access to educational projects, research, and subsidies.

IMPACT Health – investing in an integrated approach

How can we help health care innovations in achieving a lasting success in actual practice? This is the mission of IMPACT Health, a collaboration between Pontes Medical (AMC, VUmc & UMC Utrecht), Smart Rollout / Implementation IQ and THINC.

In order to be able to do so, we have devised an integrated approach: clinical evidence, cost effectiveness and implementation power. Our customers are start-up companies and SME’s. The approach chosen by IMPACT Health yields a significant strategic value for the financers (internal or external) of these companies.

Collaboration partners