Company ear check

Hearing loss can be an decisive factor in determining the ability of people to work and take part in society. For this reason it is important to detect and prevent hearing damage at an early stage. The Company Ear Check provides companies with a dependable and low-threshold screening tool for the early discovery of hearing damage. LUMC and AMC have performed more than a decade of research into hearing loss caused by exposure to noise in the work place and during leasure activities. They have developed numerous online tools for the detection of hearing damage.

The Company Ear Check is a speech-in-noise test. The test has specifically been developed for employees and can advantageously be used in industrial medicine. The test allows measurement of the functionality of both ears individually and it was evaluated in the work place on a number of occasions. The test takes about 5 minutes.

The test was designed and scientifically validated by audiologists of AMC and LUMC, in cooperation with the Nationale Hoorstiching. In 2015 a trial for the test was performed in six companies in which the employees are subjected to industrial noise. The results correlated nicely with the average hearing thresholds which can be measured using screening audiometry.