DeltaScan – delirium monitor

The first objective medical device to monitor delirium risk

UMC Utrecht researchers of Professor Slooter’s ‘Brain at risk’ group demonstrated that a delirium can be measured objectively by a dedicated EEG and algorithm. Pontes Medical performed an extensive stakeholder analysis and cooperated with npk design to develop the product and technology concept. Prolira has developed this easy to use and cost effective method towards CE certification and is implementing it in hospitals Europe wide. Nurses can perform the measurement in less than two minutes, to obtain a clear 1-5 delirium risk score. This objective measurement enables improved monitoring and early detection of delirium including silent types, thus enhancing timely treatment for patients.

A delirium is an acute failure of the brain, and it is the most frequently occurring complication in hospitals. DeltaScan allows nurses to scan the brain activity of their patients for characteristic signs of a delirium. This allows improved recognition of a delirium and better patient recovery.