“During lengthy and complex operations there is a significant risk of bedsores (decubitus), the heels being particularly vulnerable. In addition, anesthesia adversely impact the body processes of a patient and we would like to address this issue” says a staff member of the anesthesiology department of VUmc

Pontes Medical picked up on this desire and initiated a collaboration between VUmc and Bos Medical for developing an innovative OR-pillow system called ‘Equilibrium’.

This new system combats the risk of decubitus during an OR-procedure, allows for better positioning of and more safety and comfort for the patient. The pillows make use of different colors, thus facilitating the preparation of the OR for nearly every procedure. Both hospital and patient benefit greatly from this new system.

The close collaboration between VUmc and Bos Medical that enabled the integration of the clinical setting, the required technology and the marketability of the product, was supported by Pontes Medical. The result? Bos Medical now markets Equilibrium as the solution for adequate pressure distribution and positioning on the operating table.

Positive effects:

  • Improved positioning of the patient
  • More comfort and better safety for the patient
  • Ease of use for anesthesia assistants
  • Time savings in preparing the OR