During a minimally invasive procedure, a camera and operating tools are inserted into the patient via narrow tubes. A stable camera image is an essential requirement for the surgeon. Mofixx offers a smart and innovative camera holder, that can easily be mounted on the operation table. The surgeon can unlock the camera position by pushing a single button and move the camera to the desired position. Whereas in the past the operating assistant would have to position the camera, whilst having to maneuvre in an uncomfortable working stance, he or she is now available for other support tasks and, moreover, is no longer in the way of the surgeon. Therefore, the surgeon now has direct control and much more freedom to move around the patient.


This product was developed within the Pontes Medical Consortium UMC Utrecht – Indes, in close collaboration between end users technical experts of Indes and MTKF and business. The product has been on the market since 2016 and can be purchased at Mofixx BV.


Execute minimally invasive surgery with Mofixx:

  • Improved quality and improved cost efficiency.
  • Better ergonomics in the OR
  • Cost reduction per procedure
  • More stable images
  • ”Solo surgery” possible
  • Versatile (for endoscope & instrument)
  • ”Drag and drop”
  • All that in a compact solution