Being born is the most challenging event mankind will experience. 10% of newborns do not breath. Because of oxygen shortage 7% of this group will face disability for the rest of the life and 7% will die.

Professional support in the first 5 minutes of life is crucial to avoid oxygen shortage. Technically it is complicated to provide adequate ventilation. No adequate feedback on actions is available with conventional equipment.

Guidelines prescribe, in addition to a conventional stethoscope, to use oxygen saturation bands and ECG patches to obtain objective and numeric information about ventilation and heart rate.  It takes on average 90 seconds to get a reliable signal from ECG measurement at newborns. Oxygen saturation is not a valuable parameter in the first 10 minutes. These devices do not give feedback on ventilation efforts, while this is key to improve oxygenation.



NeoStartTrack is an innovative medical device that will give instant feedback on ventilation effectiveness and heart rate range. This enables direct and adequate adaptation of treatment. Due to smart sensor technology supported with state-of-the-art algorithms, NeoStartTrack provides an instant and reliable signal on ventilation and heart frequency.



For this project we work with Marc Jonkers, pediatrician with 30 years of experience.



Thanks to instant and adequate feedback on ventilation and heart rate range, we expect NeoStartTrack to have improved outcome on neonatal life support versus conventional methods. This results is better patient care and reduced costs for society.

Specialty: pediatrician, neonatology

Stage: development

Contactperson: Oda Heerema-Snoep –