Strackee Armrest

The Strackee Armrest was conceived by the renowned plastic and hand surgeon Geert Strackee of Amsterdam Medical Centre (AMC) and developed further by De Koningh Medical Products (DKMP). The prototype of this worktop has already been used extensively by AMC surgeons for several years.

The Strackee Armrest is a worktop that can be attached to the railing of operating tables. The worktop is constructed of a carbon material that allows transmission of X-rays and has a freely suspended design. The hand surgeon and the operating theatre staff can easily rotate a C-Curve (X-ray machine for the operating theatre) around the worktop without any interfering obstacles.

Trauma surgeons in particular can gain lots of time by quickly taking X-ray pictures with the C-curve during or after the operation, without any obstruction for the X-ray beam created by the supporting structure of the arm rest and without needing to vertically adjust the position of the arm rest.

The Strackee Armrest has been licensed to De Koningh Medical Systems